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About us

We've rebranded our site name.

Exciting times..
Effective June 2018, our new site name is ** **
Please note:
Our legal business name remains the same. Any and all promises, guarantee's, warranties, discount codes etc, remain intact. Our new contact email is and our previous email john@teeshoodiesandmore is also active. Anyone on our eMail list has already been informed of theses changes.

Happy to have you join us:

What Motivated Us:

We launched after realizing there were very few websites that offered tee's and hoodies without garish or outlandish messages printed on them
Wouldn't it be great, he thought, if he could buy a tee or hoodie with a creative illustration that allowed for a persons own interpretations. A unique non-political, non-profane, non-judgmental, organic message.
Vibrant Colors:
Further, his search for tee's and hoodies in colors other than Black/White/Grey always came up empty. In 2016, after many frustrating web searches, launched.

More Products:

Within a few months of launching, we started getting requests for more printed products. Coffee mugs was an early request, as were jackets, pullovers and shirts. Today we have numerous products.

Graphic Free:
Also, to our surprise, customers started asking if they could buy apparel without printed messages. We've complied to this request. We now have various non-printed apparel items.

In the fall of 2016, we embarked on a search for plus-size apparel. For many, finding stylish and colorful plus size clothes is a daunting task. We now sell a wide range of women's and men's plus size items. Printed, and Non-Printed. We will continue to add more affordable, stylish and colorful plus size items. 

Digital Learning Products:

Our passions include Consulting, Teaching and Mentoring Digital Marketing. He's formally trained, holds four post-secondary certificates on the subject, consults companies, and mentors people in this field. has allowed us to help people realize new horizons available to themselves.

Professional video eCourses for very basic to a very solid understanding of eCommerce can now be downloaded directly from our website. Digital Marketing is an ever-changing skill. Our commitment to producing high quality eCourses will be an ongoing project. Digital Learning Products are being added monthly. 

Our library of Digital Learning Products includes Video, eBooks, and Articles. Contact us directly, and we can arrange for a sample from any one of our Digital Learning Products.

Happy learning.

Graphics and Artistic Licenses:
All outsourced Graphics, Illustrations, Videos, Audio, and Animations are license. We always make sure to pay the original creator or their agents. It's very important to us that artist's are remunerated to the terms of their licensing.
We take every precaution to make sure we are dealing with legitimate, equitable stock agencies. However, if we have your creative without proper licensing permissions, please contact us immediately. We will make correcting it our top priority.

If you're still reading... thank you for taking the time to read down through this brief introduction.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or compliments, please do not hesitate to contact us here. or